Andrew Hudyma Bio

Andrew Hudyma is a prairie boy who no longer lives in the prairies. Growing up in Saskatchewan, Andrew was aware of the distinct nature of his prairie surroundings from a young age; surroundings that would strongly influence his aesthetic tendencies and sensibilities to come. Spending time riding in his parents car to the hockey tournaments and the family farm, he became fascinated with the impossibility of the landscape he saw through the car window. Amidst the vastness of the landscape, and immensity of the sky, emerged an incredible subtlety and detailed symmetry. It is this combination of line, shape, colour, and attention to detail that informs Andrews creative vision and photographic work.

As an adult, Andrew has studied political theory at University, had a professional career as a policy analyst, and travelled and worked in various parts of Asia before moving to the pacific coast to study photography at Langara College in Vancouver. Since then, Andrew has been working as a photographer in Vancouver.

Tel 604.562.1977